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Club Accounts

Club Accounts

Whether it’s a long overdue vacation or holiday spending money, our club accounts are the way to go.  It’s easy to accomplish with payroll deduction.

Holiday Club:

Have you ever gotten to December and realized that Christmas was less than a month away and you hadn't even begun to shop for Christmas?  Don’t waste your entire paycheck or max out the credit cards this year.  We offer a holiday club account that helps you save for the holiday spending season.  Accounts mature on November 1st, and funds transfer to a share account in time for the holidays. In addition, dividends earned on balances of $200 or more.

Vacation Club:  

Planning a vacation?  The last thing you want to do while on vacation is fret about how you're going to pay when the bills come due! The first two steps toward making a vacation affordable are to save for it -- months before you go -- and determine how much to spend. Socking away the money before you leave means less financial pain after you return. As a bonus, planning and saving for a vacation can get you in the habit of living on a realistic budget.  We offer our members with a special savings account for vacations.  You can make two withdrawals per year and even earn dividends on balances of $200 or more.

*$5 minimum deposit (with payroll deduction)
*Dividends compounded, paid monthly