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Financial Education Seminars

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Houston Metropolitan believes that education is key to successfully managing your finances which is why we offer monthly Financial Education Seminars at no cost to both members and non-members.

Our Financial Education Seminars are currently being held in the Garden Level Auditorium located in the Bob Lanier Public Works Building at 611 Walker St. Houston, TX 77002. If you have a topic you would like to request, question, or comment please contact Joel Cardona.

Seminars held in 2017

January - Achieve Your Financial Goals in the new Year with Lonnie Mathews
February - Financial Goals in Action with Yvonne Green of Bank On Houston
March - Understanding Credit with Lonnie Mathews
April - FHA Homebuying with Kelly Barro of Member Home Loan
May - Home Buying Assistance with COH Housing and Community Development Department
June - Car Buying Basics with Member Auto Center
June (Houston Airport System) - You and Your Credit Score with Chris Hensley
July - Wills and Trusts with Eli Kiefaber
August - TBD
September - TBD
October 17 - How to Go to College for Free with Jennifer Ledwith

Seminars held in 2016

January - Achieve Your Financial Goals with Lonnie Matthews

February - Tax Planning with Chris Hensley
March - Confident Retirement with Bob McDonald
April - Cancelled due to weather
May - Social Security and Medicare with Andy Hardwick
June - Medicare Made Clear with Denise Burleigh
July - Getting your Financial House in Order with Chris Hensley
August - Understanding Estate Planning: An Overview of Wills and Trusts with Eli Kiefaber
September - How to Go to College for Free with Jennifer Ledwith
October - Home Buying Seminar with Shannon Winans of Member Realty and Kelly Barro of Member Home Loan

Seminars held in 2015

January - Life is too Short to be Broke with Lonnie Matthews

March - Saving for Your Future (Budgeting) with Aleta Scott
April - Strategies for Sustainable Income in Retirement with Chris Hensley
May - Basic Financial Management and Investment Fundamentals with James Marshall
June - Cancelled due to weather
July - Find Success in Your Financial Management  with James Marshall
August - The Story of Investing with Stephen Mendel
September - You and Your Credit Score with Chris Hensley
October - Supplemental Insurance 101 with Deanne Shaw
November - Car Buying Basics with Chris Tessone